C3i biomanufacturing cartilage implants
Feb 26, 2024

With the Support of NGen, C3i is Partnering up for Advanced Biomanufacturing of Cartilage Implants Using Cocoon Automation.

C3i is pleased to partner with Octane Orthobiologics Inc and Orthopaedic Innovation Center Inc with the support of NGen for automation and scale up the biomanufacturing of cartilage implants for commercial-level production.

NGen has announced over $32.3 million in Global Innovation Cluster funding for 15 new advanced manufacturing projects. With industry contributions of $54.4 million, the 15 projects are valued at $86.7 million. The announcement was made during NGen’s inaugural N3 Summit, a new showcase and strategy event to promote Canadian leadership in advanced manufacturing.

We are eagerly looking forward to seeing the outcomes of this partnership in the future. This investment is a testament to our commitment to supporting advanced biomanufacturing in Canada.

NGen is the industry-led not-for-profit organization that leads Canada’s Global Innovation Cluster for Advanced Manufacturing. Its mandate is to help build world-leading advanced manufacturing capabilities in Canada for the benefit of Canadians. NGen works to strengthen collaboration among its membership of more than 5,000 manufacturers, technology companies, innovation centers, and researchers, and provides funding and business support to industry-led initiatives that aim to develop, apply, or scale-up transformative manufacturing solutions in Canada for commercialization in global markets.

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